Residence permit for domestic helpers sponsored by UAE or GCC citizens:

This service is mainly provided under the department of residence section of UAE under the supervision of General Directorates of Residence and Foreigners Affairs.

This service is mainly provided by the Government of United Arab Emirates to the public and beneficiaries include in this scheme are individuals.

It is a service under which a residence permit is issued for a domestic service worker under the sponsorship of a citizen or GCC national.

Documents Required:

Following Documents are required for availing this opportunity.

• Application of Residence signed by the sponsor.
• Photocopy of the sponsor’s original and valid passport.
• The passport of the sponsored person.
• A certified medical examination valid for maximum 3 months.
• The delivery of the identity card.

Categories in which sponsorship can be availed:

Following is the list of categories under which sponsorship can be offered abiding by the state laws and regulations.

• farm Supervisor
• private tutor
• private nurse
• cook
• servant
• baby sitter
• personal driver
• gardener
• bodyguard
• farmer
• horse trainer
• equine groom
• jockey